Mind Power Rx review, benefit, dosage, side effects, interaction with medications and pills
March 1 2017

Mind Power Rx is an effective doctor formulated natural herbal and nutritional supplement composed of several brain nutrients and brain enhancing herbs. This product improves mental alertness and boosts mental stamina. Users notice being more focused and able to concentrate better.

Year of formulation
Mind Power Rx was developed in 2004. This brain enhancer is trademarked by Physician Formulas supplement company based out of Irvine, California.

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buy Mind Power Rx and Supplement Facts:
Acetyl-L-carnitine influences alertness within hours
Carnosine is a strong antioxidant
Choline leads to acetylcholine
DMAE improves alertness
Inositol is a mood stabilizer
Trimethylglycine (TMG) has three methyl groups
Tyrosine is an amino acid
Vinpocetine is a periwinke extract that helps improve oxygen availability to the brain by improving circulation in brain tissue.
B vitamins present in Mind Power Rx include Vitamin B12 and Pantothenic acid.

Learn more about the ingredients and the amounts present in this formula
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Mind Power Rx also has a proprietary blend of the following herbs and herbal extracts::
Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, mucuna pruriens extract, Ashwagandha extract, Bacopa Monnieri extract, Gotu kola extract, Reishi extract, Ginseng extract, Fo-ti extract, and Rhodiola extract.

What are the exact dosages of the herbal blend in this brain enhancer?
The herbal mix is a proprietary blend that is known by the medical doctor who formulated this mind enhancer. A proprietary blend means that the exact amounts of the herbs can be kept a secret in order to prevent competing companies from copying a successful formula.

My Mind Power Rx order arrived last night. I took my first one this morning with breakfast and two hours later I started to feel great !I’ve read that some people take it on an EMPTY stomach one hour BEFORE breakfast and some people take it WITH breakfast. Which is better or doesn’t it really matter?
Either way is fine. You may wish to try both ways to see whether empty stomach or with breakfast works better for you.

Each bottle of Mind Power Rx has 60 capsules. Most people find one capsule taken a few minutes before breakfast works within hours to improve mental alertness and stamina. Those over the age of 60 may consider taking their capsules with breakfast in order to moderate the effects.

How often can a person take a capsule and how many times a day?
As a general guideline, we suggest only one capsule a day three or four times a week. At times a person can take a second capsule before lunch if one is not enough.

Who created this product?
This natural male and female brain enhancer was formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., you can also find information about him on Facebook where he has a public figure page.

Most people use this mental enhancement product to focus better, improve their concentration, and have more mental stamina in order to accomplish tasks better and faster with more motivation.

Q. I am currently taking 30mg Adderall for ADHD, and would like to get away from the synthetic / pharmaceutical medications. I was looking at Mind Power Rx and also mucuna pruriens. Which would be a better fit for comparable results as far as mood, concentration, and stamina?
A. Most users notice improvement in focus, mood and concentration with both mucuna pruriens and Mind Power Rx. As to replacement of the Adderall for the treatment of ADHD, it is not easy for us to predict.

Use for exams
Can I take a Mind Power Rx to study or to take exams?
We have not done studies to determine whether taking this mind formula will help improve test scores or just lead to more alertness and focus and restlessness while sitting at the exam table. As far as taking the brain booster for studying, we suggest using it only once or twice a week for this purpose rather than relying on it as a daily regimen.

Report from college student
I just wanted to let you know that I use Mind Power Rx a few times a week to help me focus on my studies. I feel it helps me with being able to focus for many hours and to concentrate on my reading school materials. My grades have improved. I am a female nursing student at a university.

Use by office workers, lawyers, accountants, professionals
I am an accountant and during tax season I need a natural brain boosting supplement to keep me alert for 10 or 12 hour days. Would Mind Power Rx be helpful for staying focused more hours?
We do have feedback from accountants who find this mind enhancing pill helpful in these situations.

Mind Power Rx side effects
Side effects are rare with one capsule. Some people who have taken 2 capsules report feeling restless, increased heart rate, and irritable. If a capsule is taken in the evening, it could cause shallow sleep.

Children and teenagers
Can a child or adolescent take Mind Power Rx?
If your child’s doctor approves, yes. We suggest using this product no more than 2 or 3 times a week. As far as the dosage, it would be about a third of a capsule for ages 6 to 10, half a capsule for ages 11 to 16, and a full capsule ages 17 and older. The capsule can be opened by pulling on each side and mixing the contents in juice or milk.

Interactions with vitamins, herbs and supplements
There are thousands of natural herbs and supplements and it is not possible to know all the interactions that can occur between these natural supplements and Mind Power Rx. Try this natural brain booster by itself for a few days before you combine it with other supplements or medications.

Brain enhancers
Acetyl l carnitine – We don’t see the need to take both except on occasion or unless the acetylcarnitine dosage is less than 100 mg.
CDP-choline, citicoline, Cognizin – A dose of 100 mg or less can be combined.
DMAE – We don’t see the need to take both except on occasion or unless the DMAE dosage is less than 100 mg.
Galantamine – We prefer not taking galantamine and Mind Power Rx the same day.
Ginkgo biloba – Only if the ginkgo dosage is less than 40 mg.
Huperzine A – Same as the suggestion for galantamine.

I just ordered some Mind Power Rx. What other brain enhancing pill can I take with it that is not in the formula that will act synergistically and be more beneficial than just this natural brain formula alone?
It is first important to know how the formula by itself makes you feel and it takes at least 2 to 3 weeks to find out well by experimenting with different doses, with or without food. Then you can stop the formula and try individual mind boosting herbs or supplements by themselves for a week or so each. Once you have a very good understanding how each product makes you feel, then you may combine them but using lower dosages to avoid adverse effects from overdosage. Each person responds differently so no specific dosage or combination guidelines can be given. Some of the brain supplements to consider include cdp-choline, huperzine, galantamine, phosphatidylcholine, phosphotidylserine, fish oils, vitamin B complex, DMG, CoQ10, and alpha lipoic acid.

I would like to take a Memory Pill but don’t know which formula to use, there are dozens out there when I search for natural memory herbal formula. How do I know which one to use?
Unless you try each one separately for a week or two, you won’t know for certain which formula will work best for you.

Diet Rx or other diet pills – It would be best not to take these products the same day.

Fiber products such as psyllium, inulin, glucomannan and others – These should be fine to take the same day.

Krill oil supplements up to four or five a day should be fine.

Fish Oils, up to three or four softgels a day, should not interfere with the use of the mind product.

Joint Power Rx – We have not had any problems reported with the combination of Joint Power Rx and the mind formula. However, try them separately for a week before combining.

It depends whether the multivitamin is weak or strong. If it is a potent multivitamin, such as MultiVit Rx, that give you energy within a few hours, it may be appropriate not to take the mind formula with it. If the multivitamin product you have is weak, then the two supplements can be combined.

Passion Rx
We suggest not taking Passion Rx and Mind Power Rx the same day, they are both potent supplements. In the long run, Passion Rx, which is available as a free sample, is only used about 2 days a week and during the off days the mind formula can be used. It is best to have at least a day a week of not taking any supplements.

Prostate Power Rx
A capsule of Mind Power Rx can be taken with a capsule of Prostate Power Rx as long as you have tried them separately for a few days without problems. Prostate Power Rx does not have much of an effect on mental function.

We prefer you don’t take them together, SAM-e is very potent, unless the dosages are quite low.

I have been taking low dose Sam-E 100 mg per day for quite some time and wish to add Mind Power Rx. Should I adjust the Sam-E dose from 50 mg a pill?
Each person is different in their response, but this seems to be a reasonable approach. Initially it would be best to try the mind formula by itself for a few days so you know how it affects you by itself.

For quite some time I had already been taking a half a Sam-E pill 100 mg per day. Is that still okay to do with Mind Power Rx?
We suggest not taking them the same day since overstimulation can occur. It is a good idea to take occasional breaks from the use of SAM-e.

St. John’s wort
It’s best not to take them together unless you are familiar with each and when you combine you begin with half a capsule of each supplement.

Tongkat ali aphrodisiac herb
Is 1 capsule of 25mg Tongkat Ali LJ 100 a mild dose? I just ordered this product and Mind Power Rx. Can you give me idea on Tonkgat Ali interaction or combination?
Tongkat ali and this mind booster should not be taken the same day since the aphrodisiac herb is potent by itself.

Multiple dietary supplements interactions and combinations
I am taking daily Co Q10, multi vitamin, calcium with vitamin D, acetyl l-cartinine and I am contemplating on taking R alpha lipoic acid. I am not one to over do on too many vitamins. I would like to try Mind Power Rx and wondering if I should also taking alpha lipoic acid.
We suggest taking the brain booster by itself for a few days before adding other supplements along with it. Benefits and side effects of supplement interactions are influenced by many factors, particularly the dosage. Each person responds differently to combinations of dietary supplements and it is best to err on the side of taking less rather than more.

Interactions with Medications
There are thousands of prescription medications and it is not possible to know all the interactions that can occur between these medications and natural supplements such as Mind Power Rx. Try this natural brain booster by itself for a few days before you combine it with other supplements or medications. Have approval by your doctor before you use this product if you are taking medications or have a health condition.

Birth control pills – Mind Power Rx should not interfere with contraception pills.

Blood pressure medications – If you have mild blood pressure elevation and taking one type of blood pressure lowering medication, you may be fine using this brain product. If you have moderate to severe blood pressure elevation or taking more than one hypertension lowering drug, we don’t suggest you use Mind Power Rx.

Hormone replacement therapy with estrogen and progesterone – No major side effects have been reported to us with this combination.

Provigil – My Dr. prescribed Provigil 200 Mg for me to counter my daily mental / physical exhaustion. I am male, 46, and in excellent physical condition otherwise. I wonder if the Mind Power Rx would be a safe supplement to increase my dopamine production, resulting in a longer daily uptake caused by the Provigil? I seem to crash every day about 6 or 7 hours after I’ve taken my morning Provigil 200mg. Any input is greatly appreciated!
We suggest you first try Mind Power Rx by itself for a few days so you know how it makes you feel. If your doctor approves, you could take half a capsule in early afternoon of a day you take Provigil in the morning. Also consider the fact that there are many natural supplements that help with alertness and energy levels. Many doctors are not familiar with these natural treatments. MultiVit Rx is another good option since provides natural energy enhancement.

SSRI depression medications – Try half a Mind Power Rx capsule, and if your doctor approves you can reduce the SSRI dosage by a quarter or a third on the days you take Mind Power Rx. This natural product has mild mood elevating potential.

I take 50 mg of Zoloft sertraline daily and know that generally’ SSRI’s should not be combined with Mind Power Rx. However, is there a particular ingredient in Mind Power Rx that reacts with Zoloft? I have concentration issues and very long hours on the job so would really like to try something to help me improve concentration time and focus, and reduce my feeling burnt out on the job due to working hours etc What do you suggest?
All the ingredients in this product are found in small amounts, therefore it is not necessarily a particular ingredient but rather the combination of more than a dozen of these herbs and brain nutrients.

I would like to ask if I can take Mind Power Rx with hydrochloride of sertraline. I suffer from involuntary shake of my head and I have found it is from profound stress. I have taken 50mg of hydrochloride of sertraline a day for almost a year and would like to stop. Now my head only shakes when I’m very tired. If I take Mind Power Rx would it substitute Zoloft effects and gradually relax my brain from former stress?
It is not possible for us to know how a person would react or respond to the use of any supplement. This product has more than a dozen ingredients and works in a vastly different way than a SSRI drug such as Zoloft.

I have an anxiety disorder and am taking SSRIs and my doctor approves taking the product but should one take less than a full capsule?
We suggest using a third or half a capsule initially if a person is taking a SSRI medication.

I am on Zoloft and Buspar for anxiety and depression. I am doing very well. I just turned 60 and my husband was 60 six months before me. We are noticing a real change in our memory. Is it okay to use Mind Boost Rx while on these two drugs?

Thyroid medications – If you are on Synthroid or other thyroid medications for hypothyroidism, we suggest you begin with half a capsule of Mind Power Rx for a few days, and if no problems, then a full capsule can be taken.

Q. I just purchased Mind Power Rx, and am wondering if it is ok to take it with a very low dose of Armour thyroid (half a grain). I am familiar with many of the ingredients and know that tyrosine and ashwaganda may be supportive of the thyroid.
We suggest beginning with half a capsule. Ashwaganda is found in this brain enhancer in small amounts.

I am 80 years of age and feel like I am in great health even though I have had a couple of heart attacks leading to by-pass surgery, a subsequent minor stroke and now constant A-Fib. I take Coumadin (alternating 5mg / 2.5mg daily; INR about 20-25), baby aspirin, Bystolic, Lipitor (10mg) and FlowMax. I also had a pacemaker implanted about a year ago. As I said, I feel great and have no hangover symptoms from all of that except the A-Fib has robbed me of any extended exertion; shortness of breath. Ablation has been ruled out by the elecrophysiologist I consulted. Does all of this suggest I may not be a candidate for Mind Power?
We cannot advise anyone whether they should or should not take a supplement, but generally those with heart conditions and on multiple medications have to be very careful when adding dietary pills and need to have approval by their doctor.

Use by those with medical conditions

Alzheimer’s disease
Is this recommended for someone with Alzheimer’s, and is it effective enough to stop the progression?
The FDA does not allow any claims to be made that a supplement treats or prevents a medical condition. All we are allowed to say is that Mind Power Rx helps support healthy brain function but we can’t say it treats Alzheimer’s disease.
Headache – If a person has daily moderate to severe tension headaches or has frequent migraines headaches, it is a good idea to evaluate whether some of the supplements used are a contributing factor. We recommend using half a capsule of Mind Power Rx on a day when a person does not have a headache and base future dosage on the initial response. It is quite likely that many people with headaches will be able to use this mind formula without problems whereas others may not find it suitable for them.Heart disease – If you have a mild heart condition, your doctor would likely approve you beginning with half a capsule a day with breakfast. If you have moderate to severe heart disease, it is best to cautious with taking mind enhancing herbal products since many of them can speed heart rate in higher dosages.Hypertension – Those with mild or moderate high blood pressure who are well controlled could use this mind formula but only one pill 3 times a week.

I am suffering with high blood pressure and I wondering if Mind Power Rx is not advisable then as I know that ginkgo biloba did increase my headache.
One option is to take half a capsule initially before trying a full capsule.

Insomnia – As long as you take the mind formula in the morning before or with breakfast, the alertness caused by the herbs should wind down by evening. If you have insomnia, do not take the pills anytime after lunch.

I notice being more alert within an hour of taking one pill in the morning right before breakfast. The effects last most of the day. I am currently using one pill a day but I take 2 days off a week.

I like this mind improving product, I find I can recall information quicker and my mind works faster.

Inquiries from customers
I am a woman who’s almost 37 years old. I have been noticing that my short term memory has been deteriorating and I cannot retain information that I have just received. I went back to college last year and dropped out because of this. I have complained to my doctor about it for a few years now. He said there was really no meds out there for me, since I don’t have Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or anything like that. I also had a hysterectomy at 34 years old. Am I too young to take Mind Power Rx? Will it benefit a woman of my age at all?
It is not possible for us to predict who will benefit from the use of a supplement just as it is not possible for a medical doctor to know if the medication he or she prescribes to a patient will work. If your health care provider approves, you can certainly try this product to see if it helps you think better, faster, and have more concentration and memory recall.

I am 57 yo and am returning to college to complete my RN certification. I want to enhance my brain function as I continue to work at my career and return to learning esp in science courses and labs such as microbiology and pathology! My first question is will my prescriptions of Effexor 150 mg qd (taken for 15 yrs.), Taztia and Bisoprolol Fumarate for HTN, counter act or interfere with the effectiveness of Mind Power Rx? I also take a Prenatal Vitamin with iron and Omega 3 1200mgs daily. Should I also take Acetyl L Carnitine with Mind Power Rx? Do you have a suggested regimen for my age and brain function / memory enhancement?
There are many factors that are involved in improving brain function and a particular regimen may work for one person but not another. Furthermore, not enough research is available regarding the combination of prescription medications and dietary supplements. Both Mind Power and acetyl l carnitine are potent and we don’t suggest taking them the same day. A safe approach would be to begin with half a capsule of the mind formula for a few days before taking a full capsule. Please have approval by your doctor.

Is it supposed to be used every day? I mean, the acetyl l carnitine concentrations are fairly low (25mg? ) compared to some of the ‘stand alone’ acetyl l carnitine suppliments you can purchase (around 500mg). Do you know of any downregulation of receptors that could occur in long term use? What I am really asking is whether taking small but long term doses of acetyl l carnitine is safe for brain function (and the rest of the body)?
These are good questions and there are no easy answers since such long term human studies have not been done. To be on the safe side, we suggest using this brain formula 3 or 4 times a week, this way you can take advantage of the benefits but minimize any potential risks. In addition to ALC, this brain product has many other ingredients in it that work together.
I would like to ask if the above supplement is 100% natural with no pharmaceutical chemicals. Is it safe to take if I am trying to conceive? I just want to say, I am very happy with the supplement, Today was my first day of taking the supplement and within 10 minutes I felt the effects, I studied for two hours, and I could remember everything I studied. Thank you so much to Dr Sahelian and the staff for your service.
Yes, this brain booster is 100 percent natural and there are no pharmaceutical chemicals or hormones. We have not tested this product in women who are trying to conceive so we do not know if it is safe for take during this time.
My concern is with the following ingredients :DMAE and Choline. The above ingredients when I took separately at doses of 200 mg caused increased anxiety and tension for me. .Are the amounts of these above ingredients in high dosage like above 100 mg each, I know that your blend is proprietary but if you can give me an idea of whether the dose is small or not i can decide to consume it. Small dose i mean between 20 to 50mg. Does Mind Power Rx useful only for increased alertness or does it help also with memory and cognitive function.
The amount of choline and DMAE in this brain enhancing product is 25 mg each.
My question about Mind Power Rx: Given that it contains nutrients that promote healthy neurotransmitter function (and perhaps normal manufacturing of them too?), could it be reasonably possible for this herbal and nutritional brain product to help promote -indirectly perhaps- healthy sleep patterns -of course not using it close to bedtime? Perhaps in cases where sleep problems seem to have a component of neurotransmitter problems?
It is possible that the use of this nutritional brain product could help with sleep if taken in the morning and you are active all day and the effects wear off by evening. But more effective supplements include melatonin, hops, graviola, 5-HTP, tryptophan and perhaps valerian.